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Rockstar Renews Agent Trademark – It’s Still A Mystery

Vaporware Agent from developer Rockstar Games has had its trademark claim renewed, as of May 21, 2014. This could indicate that, if anything, the game hasn’t died an odd, quiet death just yet.

Then again, the renewal of the trademark also indicates nothing more than that. With this event, the only thing that’s certain is that Rockstar Games wants to keep that avenue open for the game.

It doesn’t mean, however, that the game is still in development or that it’s even being pursued at the moment at all.

Trademark claims for the fabled game first appeared as recently as July 2013. This would indicate that the company is looking at reviving the idea, which started off as early as 2007.

Originally, Agent was a Playstation 3 exclusive, but very few details arose and it had even been reported as being cancelled. In 2011, Take-Two did confirm that the game was still being produced, but not a lot more has come out of the project since.

Agent takes place during a Cold War setting. Its theme is set on espionage and covert operations, like The Bureau, but with fewer aliens, probably.

Right now, it would seem highly unlikely that, should Agent still release, it would be a Playstation 3 exclusive. If so, details would have to start popping up as soon as this E3 event, since the PS3 is on the back-end of its popularity.

Rockstar Games is known to make a few games, in between major Grand Theft Auto releases, often spawning into new intellectual properties. Games like L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Bully all represent titles the company puts out, when it’s not thinking about its main franchise.

Hopefully, this means that we’ll see something about Agent shortly.