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Ready At Dawn’s CTO Is Fine With Negative Opinions About The Order: 1886

Sony live streamed The Order: 1886 a couple of days ago and many fans were left disappointed due to the short length and not so great visuals of the demo.

After reading the feedback, Ready at Dawn’s Chief Technology Officer Andrea Pessino gave a statement to address the negative responses from the fans:

An Important clarification: I didn’t write here because I want to interfere with the discussion or influence the general opinion or even less intimidate anyone.

If one thinks our game is Shit [literally: liquid shit], it’s very fine with me. 😀 Of course I’d prefer a different opinion, and I’m sorry that we failed to attract a possible user, but for sure I’m not hurt or angry.

An opinion is an opinion – and we’re talking about entertainment here, not a matter of life or death.

We do our best and we’d like to do things that a whole lot of people will like, but it’s stupid to think that everyone will like them.

Even more so today, given the costs and the lower development chances, it’s important to create projects with a lot of personality and polarizing choices.

Some will like those choices (we hope many will!), some will be indifferent, some will hate them… and that’s fine.

This was a very honest and straight forward statement from the CTO and there aren’t many developers in the gaming industry who will say such a thing.

Moreover, he mentioned that the focus of the gameplay will be on third person shooting with some unique elements that the developer will show very soon.

The Order: 1886 is set to arrive sometime in 2014 exclusively for the PlayStation 4.