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Playstation 3 Plus Subscribers Get Free Battlefield 4 for 20 Hours

Electronic Arts has announced that Playstation Plus subscribers from North America will be getting a free Battlefield 4 trial for the Playstation 3 starting tomorrow, May 27.

Playstation 3 owners who are interested in playing Battlefield 4 can head over to the store to download the trial version now provided they have a Playstation Plus Subscription.

However, the game won’t be playable before tomorrow. Although players will have access to the complete single player and multiplayer experience of the game, but the trial will last only 20 hours.

The Single Player Campaign is said to last around 6 hours, taking about 9 hours when completing extra objectives of the game in a single session. The 20 hour trial will let players to experience the complete Single Player experience and have enough time left to experience the Multiplayer mode.

Battlefield 4 faced many issues after launch, with the multiplayer mode being the biggest complaint. EA has since released several patch fixes and updates to resolve the issues and continues to work on fixing issues plaguing the game.

They recently announced setting up new servers to be used for detecting issues and testing out new patches for the game. To access the servers, the player needs a Battlefield 4 Premium Subscription as well as a separate Battlefield 4 installation.

It’s unclear if the trial will last for a certain time or will every Playstation Plus Subscriber get a free Battlefield 4 Trial.