Murdered: Soul Suspect PS4 Version Gets 25 Minutes of Gameplay

Murdered: Soul Suspect has received first 25 minutes of gameplay footage, courtesy of a YouTube user ‘theRadBrad’.

This footage shows the first sequence of the game, where the protagonist Ronan O’Brian wakes up as a ghost as he finds his dead body beside him and now is tasked to find his own murderer.

Obviously, he cannot talk to people who are alive so he takes control of one of the people around the crime scene and ask the available witnesses about the events that took place right before his death.

The plot of the game seems quite interesting but if you want to explore everything on your own then you should try to end the video before it goes too deep.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is set in Salem, Massachusetts and the whole area is haunted by the bell killer, who is also responsible for the death of Ronan O’Brian.

You will be facing off against the ghosts in the game which can be taken out silently without much of a bother but if you try to go against them face to face then the end result will not be in your favor.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is set to release for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on 3rd of June.