Jungling Changes In League Of Legends Patch 4.9 Forecast

In a recent Patch 4.9 forecast, Riot Games employee Chun talked about the balance projects currently under work. One such project was the Jungle XP change.

According to Chun, Junglers are getting really powerful, especially if they get a strong head start. This ‘issue’ could be due to the lane EXP versus monster EXP, as lane minion EXP doesn’t scale with the average champion level, but jungle monster EXP does.

This way, a Jungler can help his team mates score kills pretty early, increasing their levels thereby increasing the average champion level. This in turn scales up the jungle monsters which can be farmed by the Jungler for better rewards.

No other lane benefits from this bonus and that is one of the key things Riot is working on right now to tone it down.

Phreak, a community member who also works for Riot to make videos such as Champion Spotlights commented on this Jungling issue.

“The goal has always been to have a mix. In the first few seasons, it was basically impossible to carry from the jungle because there wasn’t any gold in it. We upped the gold, a little too much, and the junglers who carried became massively overpowered, so we have to tune it back down”

According to Phreak, such issues cannot be properly rooted out during internal testing or pre-season phases because the game is highly complex and just a few numbers of testers cannot really mirror what can happen when millions of players start playing.