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Game Breaking Bug In Watch Dogs Resulting In Progression Loss

Players who are enjoying the digital world of Chicago in Watch Dogs, prior to the game release are experiencing a game breaking bug. While the bug is rare and seems to only affect the PC and Xbox One players it certainly is an extremely annoying one.

The bug affects the players game progression in such a way that they lose all their skills, weapons etc. the player who reported this on the official Watch Dogs support forums had this to say:

Got discovered and killed while tailing someone, respawned in free roam, all my weapons were gone, outfit was default, and all my skills (crafting and such that I had unlocked to date) were still unlocked in the skill tree, but I could not use them.

Ubisoft did reply to the person in the thread, asking him for details such as platform. However the issue was rectified or not is still unclear.

Other users have also confirmed the presence of this bug, and not just on Xbox One but also on PC. Loading old save files seems to have no effect on resolving the issue either.

Let’s hope Ubisoft is able to find out the reason behind this issue and be ready to implement a solution by the time the game officially launches tomorrow, 27th May.

Have you encountered any such bug during your playthrough of Watch Dogs? Have you tried Watch Dogs Tweaks to improve performance of the game on PC? Let us know in the comments below!