Final Fantasy III Headed To Steam Tomorrow

Square Enix will bring Final Fantasy III to Steam tomorrow on 27th of May for those who are willing to pay $15.99.

Originally, Final Fantasy III was released on Nintendo NES device in Japan and never made its way to the west. This new PC port is a remake of the 3D version that was released on Nintendo DS after it was ported to Android, iOS and PS Vita.

Apart from the pretty visuals, the game will receive a refurbished plot that has some new story elements and an improved job system.

The story of the game focuses on the four orphan kids of a remote village “UR” who are drawn to the crystal of light, which gives them power and task them with restoring the balance in the world.

Combat in Final Fantasy III is turn-based with hit points shown on the targets after the attacks. Moreover, it was the first game in the series to have featured different commands such as ‘Jump or Steal’.

The game also started the Job System which later became the key to success for the franchise.

Upon its release on multiple devices, the game always received an amazing response from the critics, and if you haven’t played the game before then do try it on Steam, come tomorrow.