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Early Watch Dogs Reviews – Combat A Step Above GTA 5, An Excellent First Draft

Street date being broken for a highly anticipated AAA title is not really big news, but reviews rolling in, even after the developers declare the release date to be the same time as when review embargoes will be lifted certainly is.

While all the reviews are praising the game and its long lasting appeal by giving it high ratings, one thing is pretty common and that is their opinion about the story line being bland and just not engaging enough.

Even without the story line, it is the general opinion that Ubisoft has a winner on their hands, a serious contender to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Gameblog France gives it a 4/5 claiming the game is “An excellent first draft in this genre where GTA reigns, the Ubisoft title even competes with it in a beautiful way”

Gameplay, level design and the overall city of Chicago is highly praised by all the reviewers and T4Mag even goes as far as claiming “combat mechanic and hacking in Watch Dogs is a step above GTA 5”.

Even if you don’t feel like doing any missions or side jobs, there is plenty to explore or mess with in the city of Chicago.

‘Profiling’ the residents of the city provides for a very interesting and hilarious take on their lives. Are you the anarchist type? You will love messing with the traffic lights or blowing up steam pipes to disrupt the traffic.

Have you had a chance to try the game yet (don’t worry we won’t tell Ubisoft)? Do you believe Ubisoft delivered on some if not all the promises they made?

Share your opinions below!