Dragon Age: Inquisition Orlesian Empire is Ruled By Fallacious Nobilities

Dragon Age: Inquisition Blog has been updated with a chunk of details revolving around Orlesian Empire, retrieved from Beyond the Frostbacks by Bann Teoric of West Hill.

The image displayed alongside the blogpost sums up the Orlesian Empire in a one-liner:

Where moves are made with rumors & scandal is the chief weapon.

The Orlesian Empire is portrayed as a place solely run by knights, barons, and baronets having different origins. All these so-called aristocracies endeavor to bring others down, playing the game of wrath and blood.

More blood has been drawn as a result of the Grand Game than any war the Orlesians have fought. Of this, I am assured by almost every gentleman here.

However, all of this changed when Lord Drakon came into power and subverted all the bloodshed in the name of titles and power. People have witnessed that Lord Drakon abolished all titles except for his own and royal lords and ladies.

Being the power-hungry ones, the nobilities chose to settle upon self-proclaimed unofficial titles. The likes of which are, ‘the exalted patron of Tassus Klay’ and ‘uncle to the champion of Tremmes’ which are both absurd and hard to remember.

The lunacy is not only confined to titles and rumors, but extends to masks and cosmetics, but the writer has chosen to keep his silence.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is scheduled to release on October 7 for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.