CNN Reporter Links World Of Warcraft To UC Santa Barbara Shooting

A news report linking the recent UC Santa Barbara shooting to the popular MMO World of Warcraft seems to have taken the gaming world by storm. While the news reporter only suggested the relation between the game and the shooter, the sheriff of Santa Barbara seems to have already decided the incident was due to the game.

The British born shooter, Elliot Rogers mentions the game 41 times in a document according to the CNN reporter but according to Simon Astaire a family friend and a media advisor, the kid was not “obsessed with gun or war games”

Elliot’s 141 page long manifesto titled My Twisted World along with his Youtube channel raised many red flags, but none of them clearly pointed to him being influenced by games which the Sheriff clearly didn’t see.

It is interesting to see how the sheriff came to this conclusion that a game which has almost no shooting involved in it ended up influencing a 22-year-old guy to go on a shooting rampage and killing six people before ultimately killing himself.

According to the logic presented by the sheriff, children who see violence in games or movies tend to reflect it out on the real world. Guess all the wars in the past were fought after army commanders indulged in some violent movies.

What are your thoughts about this shooting and Sheriff Bill Brown’s attitude? If violent games have a negative impact on kids, can’t the same be said for books in school or college curriculum since they tend to feature violence too?

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