Aisha Tyler Under DedSec Surveillance In Watch Dogs

Have you been playing Watch Dogs? There are Easter eggs hidden throughout the game, and one such surprise is the presence of Aisha Tyler in the game.

Although Tyler’s character is just some random citizen of Chicago, it’s strategically placed so that players will not be able to miss her. Voiced by the actress herself, the game character even resembles her a bit and shares her hobbies and professions.

Aysha Tyler

Ubisoft has been putting the spotlight on Tyler, who also hosts the new seasons of Whose Line Is It Anyway, quite a lot recently. Tyler, quite an accomplished actress, first appeared on E3 2012 at Ubisoft’s Press Conference.

Her appearance was met with a huge outcry from many gamers, condemning her. To these rants Aisha replied with a poem claiming to be an avid gamer.

Since then she has appeared on E3 2013 and is again set to host Ubisoft’s press conference at the upcoming E3 2014.

Seems like Ubisoft found a new face for their games, fingers crossed for a game featuring her as the protagonist.

This isn’t Tyler’s first foray into gaming universe or voice over jobs. She previously presented Bungie’s “Welcome to the Beta” video for Halo: Reach and also plays a minor role in the game. She also worked as Commander Walker in a DLC for Gears of War 3.

Did you notice Aisha Tyler in game? Have you seen any other notable real-life personalities in the world of Watch Dogs? Share with us below!