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Nintendo to Release Fancy Vivillon Pattern for Pokemon X and Y After Trading Milestone

Fellow Pokemon trainers! It’s time to rejoice as Nintendo has brought you a little treat for all the trading you have been doing in Pokemon X and Y.

To reward players for using the trading system to circulate Pokemon, the folks at Nintendo are releasing a new, unique Vivillon with a signature pattern on its wings.

Normally, the pattern on Vivillon’s wings depends on the region in which a player lives. However, this Vivillon will have the same constant pattern irrespective of where you are.

Because of this unique feature, players all around the world have been trading Vivillons to acquire different kinds of pattern, and one can only imagine that the new pattern will be heavily sought after as well.

The name given to this variant is “Fancy Pattern Vivillon”, and while it’s not the most clever name that a person could come up with, it is done in good gesture. Currently, the number of trades on the Global Trading System (GTS) is around 90 million.

Nintendo plans to release the Fancy Pattern Vivillon when the numbers go up till 100 million.

That obviously means that the release date for the pattern is up in the air, and only really depends on how quickly the GTS trading count reaches the milestone mark.

If we look at the trend from the past seven months since the release of the game, we can estimate that it might be released within roughly 20 days or so. But hey, don’t catch me if my predictions are off, since the trading will probably accelerate a bit following this news.

The official Pokemon website will be updated once the 100 million trade landmark is reached, so be sure to check it out regularly if you’re eagerly awaiting the release of this new Vivillon.

After all, you gotta catch ‘em all!