The Order: 1886 Gameplay Stream Left Many Fans Dissapointed

Yesterday, Sony teased an image which stated that the studio was going to stream new gameplay footage of the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886.

After the tease, fans started to expect that maybe the developer will show a full chapter of the game or maybe a larger portion, but left disappointed when Sony only streamed a three-minute video.

Many comments on the twitch showed the anger of the fans because they were waiting for the stream very late at night and expected more than a mere three minutes of gameplay.

However, the three minutes of gameplay was not at all disappointing as it showed the Third Chapter Of The Order: 1886 in action, including a cut-scene to show some story elements, which you can see above.

The gameplay felt similar to the other third-person shooters, but it is the game’s weapons that separate it from the rest.

The debut trailer of The Order: 1886 showed some monsters attacking the cart in the middle of the street and there has been no sign of them in any of the gameplay footage that we have seen so far.

Hopefully, at next month’s E3, we get our first look at the monsters of the game as well, when Sony shows the game in their press conference.