Nintendo Possibly Bringing Wii Music to Wii U

It looks like Nintendo is planning to release a sequel to Wii Music, as suggested by a freshly surfaced US patent registered by the company.

Apparently, it is registered under the names of Takehiko Hosokawa and Goro Abe, who had previously worked on Rhythm Heaven Fever and Game & Wario, respectively.

The patent which was registered on April 28 (published on May 22) contains a bunch of backgrounds and illustrations showing that players could use Wii U Gamepad to control one artist in an ensemble with others appearing on a television screen.

Check out the gallery provided below which contains different instruments in an ensemble and showcases how players will control one musician.

Furthermore, ‘Background and Summary’ section is an interesting read which describes how Wii U Gamepad’s could be used to create music.

The original Wii Music was released back in November, 2008 and received mixed reviews from critics and players, alike. Ever since the patent has received public attention, most of the internet forums are swarming with negative comments from people who don’t want to see a sequel.

Considering the fact that Nintendo is indeed planning to release Wii Music for Wii U, do you think it could turn the turn the tide for drowning Nintendo? Let us know in the comments below!