Filming Of Warcraft Movie Now Complete

According to a recent tweet by director Duncan Jones, the filming of his upcoming Warcraft movie is now complete.

The shooting of the movie started in January 2014. Blizzard Entertainment had shown the first teaser of the project back in July 2013 at Comic Con. The movie’s story would be focused on the origin of human-orc conflict and the arrival of first orcs from Draenor.

The movie would have two notable characters from the Warcraft lore, human leader Anduin Lothar and his orc counterpart Durotan.

Warcraft is being created by Legendary Pictures and will include “bit, universal themes” in order to not just appeal to the fans of Warcraft franchise but also to make it more relatable to casual viewers who aren’t invested in such games.

The cast of the movie includes famous actors like Ben Foster and Dominic Cooper, however which characters will they be portraying is still unknown.

The movie was originally set to be released alongside Star Wars Episode VII in December 2015, but following the delay by Universal Pictures; it will now hit theaters on March 11, 2016 after about 20 months of post-production work.