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The Evil Within New Concept Art Showcases The Horrors

Bethesda’s upcoming survival horror game, The Evil Within is without a question among the most anticipated titles of 2014 and to keep the fans excited, more concept art has been released by the developers.

Check it out in the images below:

The game will be played in a third-person perspective, where you will have to find the supplies and weapons, in order to survive.

Moreover, the game will put you in different situations, where you will have the option of either facing off the opposition or just run away.

In The Evil Within, you take control of Detective Sebastian Castellanos who comes to a crime scene with his partners Joseph Oda and Julie “Kid” Kidman only to realize that there is something more gruesome going on at the place than he expected.

After the initial play, Sebastian is knocked and wakes up inside some place and has to leave without dying, but it will not be a simple task.

The gameplay impressions from multiple sources suggest that game lacks the grip of a survival horror game but still is a lot of fun to play especially for the fans of long running Capcom’s Resident Evil series.

Since the announcement of the game in April last year, many people are waiting for this game with the hopes that it will bring back life to the slowly dying survival horror genre.

The Evil Within is set to hit the shelves on 26th of August for PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation3, Xbox 360and Xbox One.