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Future Weapons and Vehicles in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set in 2054 so there is bound to be inclusion of some incredible new futuristic weapons into the game and today, Sledgehammer Studios provides us with the first look at these futuristic weapons coming in the arguably the first-true next-gen Call of Duty game.

First advanced weapon added to the game is 3D-Printer Rifle, which is quite unique, as it loads the assault rifle with the ‘liquid matter’ which transforms into bullets.

Second up is the Plasma Rifle, which has become part of so many futuristic titles before and was shown in the debut trailer of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as well. It could prove to be an extremely lethal weapon in the game.

Thirdly, there is Exo-Suit, the most talked about addition coming to the latest iteration in the popular series, which will allow players to do boost-jumps, boost-dodge, give them strength and a lot more.

Get more details on the upgrades of Exo-Suit here.

Moreover, there will be technologically advanced Tanks and airplanes in the game, as with new technology they will be able to endure more projectiles than before.

Finally, the addition people are most excited about “the hover bikes” which were first shown in the trailer of the game and got everyone’s attention.

The best feature of the hover bikes is the ability to deflect the projectiles that are being shot at it, which means that it will be the game’s safest ride.

Sledgehammer Studios is working really hard to deliver the best possible experience with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and hopefully, it will be a breath of fresh air for the veterans of the series.

For more details on the latest technology added to the game, read the full report at GameInformer.

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