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World Of Tanks Update 1.9 Will Bring Marks Of Excellence

World of Tanks has gained a lot of popularity since its release with more players joining every single day.

To keep players interested, Wargaming has announced ‘Marks of Excellence’ to reward those who are good at what they do in the game. The developer describes it as:

These marks will show off your prowess at driving a vehicle in comparison to other players who also use that particular model.

Marks of Excellence will differ between nations.

The ranking will take only Random Battles into consideration and the results will be counted from the new version’s release onwards (damage caused and assisted before the feature’s implementation will not count).

The nations that will be getting the Mark of excellence are China, USSR, Germany, USA, UK, France and Japan.

Check the images of each of them below:

World of Tanks is available to play on Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PC. In the game, players take control of the Tanks, Tank Destroyer or a self-propelled gun.

The game features six game modes with each one giving a different feel to the game. Moreover, there are options of customization that can be done with the help of in-game credits.

The update 9.1 has no official release date, but we hope that the developer releases it sooner rather than later.