WildStar Gets A Huge Beta Patch For A Smooth Game Launch

WildStar is fast approaching its June 3rd release date and for those who pre ordered, the May 31st head-start. Well naturally this means the guys over at Carbine are running on full cylinders, to prepare the game itself and the servers for a smooth launch.

The developers have released a huge patch (yes it is HUGE!) for the beta with countless fixes to things like the game launcher, enemy mobs, classes etc.

Some of the changes happening in the patch are listed below:

  • Like hoverboards, ground mounts can now also double jump, and initial jump height has been adjusted to compensate.
  • Subtitles have been added to all in-game cinematics (yes they really were needed, sometimes it became too difficult to understand the characters with the background music).
  • The launcher will now install and run the 64bit WildStar64.exe on all 64bit operating systems.
  • The launcher will now correctly display download amounts above 4 GB.
  • Added Shout emote animation to Chua.
  • Mordesh Female, Chua, and Draken hair have been fixed to reduce clipping.

Full patch notes can be seen here on the forums (the notes are full two post long!).

If Carbine is paying this much attention to the game in beta, I’m pretty confident and hopeful the end result would be great. Let’s hope they continue this kind of dedication to the game even after its release and don’t sit idly by while bugs plague everyone.