What Changes You Should Expect in Diablo 3 Patch 2.1

There is still no info on when Patch 2.1 of Diablo 3 will go live, or even when it will be implemented on PTR but there are countless speculations as to what players can expect from this patch.

The patch will mainly focus on Seasons or Ladders as they were known in Diablo 2 and Tiered Rifts.

The character creation screen will present the players with the choice of making a season oriented character or not. This will further open up four possibilities: softcore season, softcore non-season, hardcore season, hardcore non-season.

Existing characters will not be able to play seasons, new characters will start from scratch which means no gold, no paragon levels or artisans.

Seasons will have a limited duration, although how long is still not clear. Tiered Rifts will be a different form of Nephalem Rifts in the newly introduced Adventure Mode.

They will work as an endless dungeon with the difficulty being scaled up the more you progress in them. The time frame in which players have to complete these rifts is still unclear.

To access a new Tiered Rift you will have to acquire a Greater Rift Token, which has a chance to drop from the Rift Guardian in a Nephalem Rift.

Tiered Rifts will also have Leaderboards associated with them so players can compare who is the better enemy of hell. While no details are known yet, “many changes” are planned for all classes.

Remember these are just speculations and rumors, there is no official word on the patch yet and even after the patch is released, there is no guarantee all these changes will be made in the same patch.