Super Game Jam Combines Documentary And Games On Steam

Publisher for the weird kid in all of us, Devolver Digital, has launched its latest odd project, Super Game Jam, on Steam. It’s a mix of Indie Game: The Movie and the Amnesia Fortnight event from Double Fine.

You can buy Super Game Jam on Steam right now for €14.99. This purchase is for a complete set of documentaries, based on five teams of indie developers who try to make a game within 48 hours.

Each of these projects are filmed and cut together as a short documentary that spans between 30 and 40 minutes for every single event. Along with the films about game development, a copy of Super Game Jam also includes the prototype builds that were built during the jam.

Right now, only episode 1 is out, which features one member from indie darling Vlambeer and Richard Boeser, developer of Ibb and Obb. Together, they were charged with making a game that had “break up” as a theme.

In the episode’s introductory trailer, we get to see what the two plan to do around the theme. Since they excel in gameplay and not in story, the team opts to make a racing game with a twist.

Each episode of Super Game Jam will arrive once per month, until September 2014. Incoming documentaries and games will be made by such people as the developers of titles like Gunpoint, Hotline Miami or McPixel.

It’s sort of a “season” model, like you would get from The Walking Dead or other Telltale Games series. Except, in this case, you get a movie and a weird game, because Devolver Digital is just goofy like that.