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Sony CEO ‘PS4 Has Already Recorded a Profit With Hardware Alone’

Sony’s recent revelation of their financials showed loss but there wasn’t any word said on how the PS4 was doing in terms of hardware.

However, in an interview with AV Watch, CEO of Sony Kazuo Hirai said that their latest hardware is already making profit for the company.

The PS4 has already recorded a profit with hardware alone, and in that it’s different from the business model of previous platforms.

Sony launched PS4 last year in November and according to the latest sales data, it has sold over 7 Million units worldwide.

Sony’s next-gen console is a huge asset of the company and the company hopes the console will be able to drive them back to profits.

The pace at which the console is selling is great but the question is ‘Will it be able to keep this sales surge going forward?

Only problem Sony faces right now is the lack of exclusives coming to the console but with the E3 on the horizon, company should do it right with the early adopters by announcing new games to keep the interest in the new console.

PS4’s direct competitor Xbox One is lagging behind right now but if we are to consider games as differentiating factor, it is doing relatively better.

Come E3, there will be another battle between the two hardware giants and we expect consumers to be the ultimate winners at the end of the battle!

Source: AV Watch