More Information Surfaces Regarding Xbox One External Storage Update

If you’re an owner of Microsoft’s Xbox One, chances are you’ve heard of the confirmation of the next big update for the console, which gives users the luxury to use their external hard drives as storage devices with the platform.

More news has emerged regarding the feature, and it’s none other than the ever-present inside man Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson. Apparently, the social bloke busied himself in answering questions on Reddit circling around the storage options that a user will have.

Hyrb has revealed that you can use both external USB powered devices, or ones with their own power source, and that there is no cap on the size of the external storage. Hyrb says he can confirm this because he’s using a 4GB monster Seagate drive with his Xbox for the very purpose.

He also suggested that the format of the drive before plugging it in to be used as an external power source is irrelevant, since the Xbox One console will format the drive, during which it will be configured to work with the system. From that point onwards, you’ll only be able to use the drive for the Xbox One.

The drives will also have to be USB 3.0 compatible to support the required read/write speeds to play games seamlessly. Hyrb also stated that you could have more than one drive plugged in and used as storage; the console can support up to two USB 3.0 external drives, which you can name whatever you like from within its OS.

Hyrb also tweeted a screenshot of how it would look if you were to have multiple drives plugged in and storage ready at once.

The update is expected to be released in June, and will also include new SmartGlasses and additional chat-based features.