New Evolve Footage Highlights The New Hunter Characters

2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have released a new video, showcasing 4 new characters and the gameplay of their upcoming shooter Evolve.

The video introduces players to just 4 of the many available Hunter characters available in game, along with shedding some more light on the monster Goliath they are supposed to be hunting.

Maggie, who serves as your tracker is a female character with a pet dog (is that really a dog?) who can sniff out your target. She is armed a machine pistol and harpoon traps which can be used to keep the monster in place. Another ability at her disposal is the mobile arena.

This ability calls down a dome on the monster which it will not be able to escape. So what’s the catch? Well, players are trapped inside the arena as well, so basically it pits the players against the monster in a closed environment where one wrong move will end their life

Lazarus serves as the medic in the team, armed with a silenced sniper rifle and a cloak, he can escape danger easily compared to other classes. He is also equipped with ‘Lazarus gloves, which can revive dead players while his Healing Burst ability can heal injured allies.

Bucket, the support character is a robot who can detach his head, which can be flown around as a UAV in order to scan the area for the monster.

Hyde is your typical brute tank type assault character Armed with the game’s most deadly weapon, the flamethrower, Hyde can deal massive damage to the monster while also surviving most hits from it thanks to his high defense.

All of this adds up to one very promising game. The sheer number of co-op possibilities was already pretty impressive with that first cast of hunters, and it’s only grown with this new bunch.

Evolve releases October 21st on PC, Xbox One and PS4.