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Minecraft Halo Mash-Up Pack Screenshots Show Master Chief Ready To Take on Covenants

It’s all been pretty quiet in Minecraft land when it comes to the Halo inspired rendition for the Xbox 360 Edition of the game. Well, no more! Details have recently emerged and there is a lot of stuff in it.

This specific Minecraft pack includes Halo inspired textures and new looks for certain items. 40 character skins are also included and the world has been reshaped to portray locations from the Halo franchise.

The Minecraft recreated locations include Sandtrap, Valhalla and Blood Gulch.

The menu has also been modified to mirror the Halo franchise, while the user interface has been tweaked to make fans of the franchise seem right at home.

Since everything else is being modified, how could the amazing soundtrack of the Halo franchise be left out? Players will be able to experience the same music from the original Halo games, in this Minecraft version.

Well it seems I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the game menu, listening to the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved main menu music.

No release date or price was revealed, but previous packs with content from Skyrim and Mass Effect retailed at $3.99, so a similar price tag can be expected.

Here are some images for you to enjoy while you wait for the pack to release: