MapleStory 2 Gets First Gameplay Footage

Nexon, the developer behind the Maplestory has released the first gameplay footage of its upcoming free-to-play MMO title Maplestory 2.

The game is currently in its Alpha state so don’t expect too much, but it does show that the developers have moved on to full 3D and how it has impacted game’s combat, environments, skills and boss fights.

However, there are some components that will be part of the final game but are not shown in the video, including swimming, driving and climbing.

It has been four years since the game is in development and hopefully, we will get to see more of it soon instead of waiting for months.

Korean based publisher Nexon has plans to start the beta phase of the game in 2014, but no official date has been announced just yet.

Maplestory 2’s combat will revolve around the game’s environments, and it will be very fast-paced. Dodging the attacks at the right time might just save your life while fighting against the gigantic bosses.

Just like other MMOs, the world of Maplestory 2 will be huge and will give you a lot of reasons to explore it, especially the new 3D look given to the game.