Lionhead Studios Reveals the Mighty Ogre From Fable Legends

Lionhead Studios has revealed a new enemy that players will face in the upcoming Online Fable title Fable Legends.

The Ogre, according to the official blog, is the biggest and meanest creature found in Albion, with thick skin that is impervious to swords and arrows.

Each Ogre is born with a twin, and when they reach puberty they fight each other to the death. The winning Ogre then rips the losing Ogre’s head and uses it as a weapon, which they refer to as the Noggin. For some strange reason the losing Ogre’s head remains alive even after being ripped apart from its body and capable of speech.

Male and Female Ogres are hard to tell apart, mostly because they act and look the same as well as smell. Their stench is so powerful that a Hero can know of an approaching ogre just by sniffing the air, but that’s not all, life as a Club is a nigthmare for the Noggin; their existence an insult to themselves. The Ogre and its Noggin constantly bicker and can be heard from far far away.

With the stench and the shouts, the hero will be long gone by the time the Ogre even realizes there was someone here, maybe it didn’t even know in the first place, right?