InnoGames Artist Discusses Tribal Wars 2 Art Design

In the latest developer diary for Tribal Wars 2, InnoGames artist Tobias Dunz leads us through the process of creating the new look for the strategy game. Primarily, the free-to-play browser game uses a medieval theme for its universe.

One of the tasks of Dunz is to oversee an entire team of artists, working to create illustrations by themselves. Making sure that all the drawings fit the same theme is important to ensure cohesion in the art style of Tribal Wars 2.

Moreover, the team set forth to push the boundaries of the game’s predecessor, while still trying to retain a familiar look that veteran could come back to.

Time spent on the creation of assets can vary greatly. For instance, some buildings only took seven days to complete, but since some structures have many levels, it could take up to a month for a design to be finished.

Dunz also states in the video that they had to start over a few times. Given that the game will launch with cross-platform functionality, some of the details didn’t sync up correctly, leading the team to rethink their approach.

In particular, switching from regular browsers to a touchscreen could mess up the team’s intentions. There are versions of the game planned for both iOS and Android.

In Tribal Wars 2, players build a village within a country at constant war. By building out an empire, you take on other players of rivaling territories in real-time battles.