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F1 Race Stars Released As Free-to-Play Game On iOS

Party game F1 Race Stars is now also available for iOS devices. Better yet: Unlike the other versions of the game, the iOS edition is a free-to-play title.

To justify the free price tag, there will be some monetization in-game. This may include having to unlock some of the driver roster, as in-app purchases include a Champion Pack for $2.99 or a pack titled All F1 Drivers for $20.99.

Still, it also looks like F1 Race Stars appends the iOS release with some vanity items, which may be lenience on cut content. For instance, there is a selection of “fantasy” drivers with robots, ninjas and the sort and upgrades can be found as well.

Upgrades include perks that can be equipped to a driver or boosts, which can be purchased prior to a race. You’ll receive some of these when completing certain objectives in-game.

As far as gameplay and visuals are concerned, the mobile release of F1 Race Stars looks surprisingly close to the main kart release. Graphics are still sharp and colorful, with lots of extra effects for a more festive atmosphere.

There are 15 different environments in the game, which can also be played in multiple game modes. Controls include both on-screen display and tilt motion.

Additionally, F1 Race Stars can be played in multiplayer with up to 4 players locally, connecting through either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. For some reason, it also touts TV output as a feature, even though you could just play the main release for that one.

F1 Race Stars sure has a strong legacy. Previously, it was also released on Nintendo Wii U, though it did lack online multiplayer there.