Who Wants Mario Kart Themed Custom Wii U Pro Controllers?

Evil Controllers has announced a new series of Custom Wii U Pro Controllers based on Mario Kart. The controllers will be available for purchase on May 23rd.

Evil Controllers’ COO Jonah Coe said he always held an interest in Nintendo products since him and his brother Adam Coe grew up playing games on a Nintendo console. They saw the release of the Wii U as the perfect opportunity for them to start making custom controllers for the Nintendo console.

The company has planned to release 4 Mario Kart themed custom Wii U Pro Controllers, each color named after characters from the Mario Universe: Mario Red, Princess Peach Pink, Luigi Green and Yoshi Green.

The custom controllers come with rechargeable batteries that last around 80 hours on full charge, each controller will cost $79.99 and come with a six-month warranty.

Mario Kart 8 has received positive reviews and is being praised for its enhanced visuals and gameplay. So it seems like that it was the right time for them to come up with the custom controllers. After all, Nintendo does hope that Mario Kart 8 will improve Wii U’s performance in the market. What do you think?

The controllers are available for order on Evil Controllers’ website.