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Europa Universalis IV Wealth of Nations Preorders Up

Publisher Paradox Interactive may be setting its sights on a multitude of projects lately, but with Wealth of Nations, it also still has love for Europa Universalis IV and its strategy roots. This would be the first expansion for the game.

Preorders for the Wealth of Nations content are available now through the Paradox website, which should come with a Steam key, when it’s live on Valve’s store. Buying in will set you back €7.49.

That money gets you an investment into the new capitalist theme and diplomacy tactics pitched in Wealth of Nations. For instance, you’ll be able to coerce others into taking from your stock.

Trade routes can be performed “covert style,” sneaking them in the lines of your competition, to set a foothold as an economic power. Moreover, you can set a trade capital that serves as your hub, sort of like a port would’ve been, back in the day.

Speaking of ports, Wealth of Nations also allows you to establish East India Companies. These will help you reach faraway locations.

Merchants will be as comparably efficient as the strength of your country’s trade. Additional bonuses are granted for those who trek far inland to setup routes.

If all else fails, you can also straight up steal from the competition by hiring privateers to work for your banner. Doing so, however, is welcoming a war from any opponent that happens to track down the pirates’ employers.

Europa Universalis IV will receive Wealth of Nations on May 29, 2014.