Capture the Flag Returning to Titanfall PC With Tweaked Matchmaking

Respawn Entertainment has announced the return of Capture the Flag online playlist and a change to the matchmaking system of Titanfall.

Respawn notes that player interest in Capture The Flag mode dropped drastically after the last patch added a change that prevented players from carrying flags and commandeering titans at the same time. They noted that even without the change, less than 1% of the player-base was ‘trying’ to play CTF let alone actually play the mode.

With so few players even bothering to play the mode, any players who would enter the CTF Matchmaking would be left waiting in queue for hours but rarely get enough players for the game to start.

Respawn felt this was a bad experience for the players. In the end it was decided to remove the CTF playlist altogether from Titanfall PC version.

Respawn has given a detailed explanation of the Titanfall Matchmaking System. Whilst they acknowledged the idea of adding Server Browser to the game like Battlefield 4, they still felt that they should focus on fixing the Matchmaking system instead of creating a new feature that will come with its own issues.

So now, they have announced the return of Capture the Flag playlist and a change to the Matchmaking system that will now pair players on a different data center if the search takes far too long, as a test.

Respawn feels that it’s better to play a game on high latency than to wait for a match. They’re also adding a measure to the lobby when odd ‘mismatched’ players are paired in a lobby, the game will now balance each team and players based on their skill, latency and other player attributes mentioned.

You can read the whole announcement at the official Titanfall website.