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Wolfenstein: The New Order Cross Gen Comparison, Major Differences

Although the current generation consoles (PS4,Xbox One) and the previous generation (PS3,Xbox 360) both run Wolfenstein: The New Order on 60fps, the visual quality difference between them is just like night and day.

Huge difference in the texture detail isn’t the only difference between both generations.

Little to no environmental lightning, no effects like atmospheric fog, missing game assets such as bodies and other various issues are quite prevalent in the previous generation version of the game.




The light sources are greatly reduced for the previous gen version, resulting in less impressive looking environments, not to mention the horrible textures on the ground and walls.


All the missing details end up with a huge impact on the presentation of the cutscenes making them look quite ugly and lacking.

The sacrifices made to the previous gen versions are quite noticeable, just so that it could run at 60fps on par with the current gen versions. The unlocked fps limit to make the previous gen run at 60fps works actually against it, resulting in massive tearing.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is out now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The game was set to receive a Day One patch for the PS4 and Xbox One version.

While the patch itself is quite massive, 5GB on PS4 and 7+ GB on Xbox One, it can be downloaded in the background while players enjoy the game. So if you have a slow internet connection and were worried it would take you time to get started on the game, you can relax and jump right in.

Source: Gearnuke