Will Xbox One be Able to Outsell PS4 In Japan?

Sony’s Playstation 4 might be dominating the current-gen console market worldwide, but it’s failing pretty badly on its home turf, Japan. One would think the company should have more success in selling its items in place where it originated but that is not the case.

In a recent Japanese hardware sales figure report released by Famitsu, PS4 is being outsold by PS3, PS Vita and 3DS. This dip in PS4 sales is not even recent; the consoles sales figures were at a record breaking low in the 2nd week of its release in Japan.

What could be the reason behind these shocking numbers? It took PS3 sales in the region 101 weeks to fall this low. Well one of the key reasons for that could be the fact that PS4 doesn’t really have a whole lot of games right now which would appeal to the residents of the region.

Japanese consumers have shown that they are more interested in the type of games a platform has to offer rather than the hardware capabilities. One such example is 3DS, the handheld console was selling miserably before a huge variety of JRPG titles was released for it.

Japan’s console market has also shrunk considerably over the years. Many of the citizens are on the move a lot due to various reasons involving work or studies. It’s only natural a home entertainment system wouldn’t be on the top of their priority list unless it’s really worth it.

Perhaps that is why they are giving preference to handheld consoles like PS Vita and 3DS because of their mobility.

It would be really interesting to see how Xbox One handles this market. It certainly has a huge line up to excite the residents, and more upcoming titles will be revealed this E3 prior to the console’s launch on September 4th.

No price tag has been announced yet for the Japanese release of the console but 48 developers including Sega and Capcom have pledged to support the console in the region, so video games which the Japanese would be interested might not be an issue.

There are also rumors that a renowned Japanese studio is working on an exclusive title for Xbox One.

What are your opinions about the upcoming release of the console? Will Xbox One be able to outsell PS4 in the region especially given the fact that players will be able to purchase a Kinect less bundle?

Share your thoughts below.