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Teleglitch: Die More Edition Discounted For Arena Mode

Publisher Paradox Interactive is known to support its games for an extended period of time, which is exactly why we can still talk about Teleglitch: Die More Edition. This is one of the few indie games the publisher recently supported with a publishing deal.

So, on the content front, Teleglitch has gone live with patch 9.3, which has within it an arena mode. In this segment, you’ll be able to fight waves of monsters with predetermined equipment.

Adding an arena is mostly done to serve as practice. Teleglitch is one of those roguelike features that have an elevated challenge curve to go along with its procedurally generated world.

In essence, Teleglitch is a horror survival game, set as a top-down pixel art twin-stick shooter. Those were a lot of buzzwords one after the other, but that’s the game.

Along with fighting against some tough monsters, you’ll also be pitted in near-absolute darkness. Vision is an important factor of the game, as any dark spot may hide another enemy waiting to kill you.

There are over 20 types of enemies, 40 weapons and items in 10 different level structures. In Teleglitch: Die More Edition, this comes with 5 additional stages, as well as more items of various kinds.

In case you weren’t down with some roguelike horror just yet, Paradox Interactive has put the game up on Steam at a 66% discount for a week. Its price is now reduced to €4.42.