Sony Might Be Looking To Change PS4 and PS3 Models

Sony has filed new certifications which suggest new models of both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 are in the making. These certifications are registered under “Computer Entertainment System” with the communications and information technology of Indonesia.

The filing done has the model number CUH-1106A while the Asian version of PS4 comes with the model number CUH-1006A, which could mean that Sony is either changing the design of an already available model or introducing some tweaks which require approval from the authority.

Moreover, Sony filed another certification which bears the code ‘CECH-4306CH that resembles to the one that super slim-model PS3 has.

Possibly, Sony wants to bring another slim model to the market with some changes. Both of the listings from Sony look legit but until an official word is said on the matter, it should just be taken as a rumor.

PlayStation 4 was launched last year on November 15th and in just a few months of its release, over 7 million units have been sold, which is a record for a new console launch.

However, there aren’t many games available for the console yet, but we hope to see new and exciting titles to be announced at the upcoming E3.

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