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Roguelike KeeperRL Successfully Funds Indiegogo Campaign

With still a few days left to go, independent developer Michał Brzozowski announced that the Indiegogo funding campaign for KeeperRL has been successfully funded. It managed to go over the low target of $5,000 and will still stay open to pledges for four more days.

We reported the KeeperRL campaign a week or so ago. It was considerably boosted a day after our reports, when people snapped up the limited spots of the highest funding tier, set at $300.

To celebrate the achievement, Brzozowski has released the latest development build for the game, Alpha 8, as a free download. This will, however, be the last update that is made available to the public for free, as all subsequent releases are granted to those who pledge enough to be granted early access.

To receive upcoming Alpha and Beta builds of KeeperRL, you need to donate at least $15 to the campaign. A lower tier, set at $7, still gets you a copy when the game is released and both versions allow you to name a goblin in the dungeon.

KeeperRL is a traditional roguelike for PC, which uses top-down pixel art and turn-based combat in a grueling challenge with many different enemies. Players portray a wizard that descends upon a procedurally generated land with an army of minions at their command.

It’s possible to let minions collect resources or carve out dungeons, while also mining any minerals embedded in the stone. Carved out rooms can be dedicated to a set of different goals, such as erecting a library for research or setting beds and cages to house an army.

It plays a little like Dungeon Keeper mixed with Dwarf Fortress elements. So far, the Alpha version gets you a pretty good idea of what to expect, but the Indiegogo campaign for KeeperRL will serve towards expanding the game greatly, as the developer focuses a few months to full time work.