Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets Creepy With New Screenshots

Murdered: Soul Suspect has received some new screenshots just ahead of its release next month. These new images reveal the detective skills of the protagonist and the creepier side of the game.

Check them out in the gallery below:

In the game, you take control of Detective Ronan O’Connor, who was murdered by the Bell Killer and now his soul has taken the task to solve the mystery of his murder.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is set in the Salem, Massachusetts and to help Connor solve his own murder, a girl named Joy comes along, who witnessed the murder herself and also has the ability to talk to the ghosts, which she got from her mother.

In the game, you will try to gather clues to see how exactly the events took place until your death. The plot sure looks exciting but we will see if the game lives up to the expectations.

The game is being developed by Airtight Games with the help of Square Enix Studios, and it utilizes the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine.

Murdered: Soul Suspect will release for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC on 3rd of June in North America while the European release will happen on June 6th.