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Hajime Tabata: Final Fantasy XV Comes First, Final Fantasy Type-0 Later

At last year’s E3, we got our first look at Final Fantasy XV but since then, Square Enix has been pretty quiet on the subject, until now.

In a recent interview with Famitsu, co-director of the game, Hajime Tabata shared new information on how the latest iteration in the famous series is coming along.

In response to question that asked about the studio’s plan for the Final Fantasy Type-0, he replied:

Final Fantasy XV comes first. The other day I participated in an official announcement as Co. Director, but the Type-0 team was all there with me, and development is progressing well. Hereafter the engine development and game development side are coming along steadily and it’s breaking into an important phase.

The statement clearly shows that developers are very committed to the project with all their focus put into it.

In the game, you will take control of Noctis and the combat will rely on the party based system, which will feel similar to the players who have played the Kingdom Hearts series.

Final Fantasy XV will release for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but there is no official release date set for the game.

Hopefully, Square Enix will reveal more about it at the upcoming E3 event.