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Ghostlight Games’ Dungeon Crawl Tease Is Elminage Gothic

Localization company Ghostlight Games has revealed that they will bring Elminage Gothic to PC through Steam. This would be the conclusion of the news tease Ghostlight hinted at earlier this week.

It should’ve been expected that another Elminage was in the works, since this Japanese franchise of dungeon crawlers was already on the company’s list. Previously, they released the original Elminage game on PSP.

For the original release, Ghostlight also had an extremely limited run of boxed copies. These 300 units were sold in just as little as 24 hours, but the game is still available through Playstation Network.

Elminage Gothic will not only see a PC release for the first time, but it’s also a debut for a Western release as a whole. Previously, the roleplaying game (RPG) came out in Japan for PSP and it was later also put on Nintendo 3DS.

As dungeon crawlers go, Elminage Gothic has some of the most traditional designs. For instance, the party roams through gradually growing mazes in first person.

Pixel art is also kept static but detailed, though the environments do have a slight modern touch. There are many different character classes, which each require their own approach to play, so mixing a good party is pretty much mandatory.

In fact, Elminage Gothic is so stuck on back-to-basics elements that it implements a “THAC0” system. This is an old Dungeons & Dragons AC ruling to decide if an attack hits or not. It’s found in older games like Planescape Torment, for example.

Ghostlight Games is looking to release Elminage Gothic in summer. There’s no price point as of yet, but you can expect Steam Trading Cards, at least.