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From The Ending of Halo 4, Theorizing How Halo 5: Guardians Begins

Gamers aren’t known to sit idle after a game is announced.

In the many months before the game finally hits the shelves, the official forums get flooded with theories and rumors regarding characters and the story, what players expect from the game, what the developers should focus on, etc.

Halo 5: Guardians is no different, following its announcement; franchise fans have taken to the Waypoint forums with their 2 cents about the game.

Some of these theories have their feet planted on the latest Halo Escalation issue. Issue #9 of the series created by Dark Horse Comics is out and brings with it some surprising revelations, one of them being in the cover itself.

Remember Didact? If you have played Halo 4, you will remember that in the ending, Master Chief plants a pulse grenade on Didact’s chest and throws him into the Slipspace rupture. Well it turns out, Didact survived and in the cover of the comic; he is seen knocking Master Chief down.

One of the common theories among fan is that following Cortana’s demise in the end of Halo 4, Chief ends up being a broken shell who doesn’t know what to do with his life anymore. He did after all lose his greatest ally and friend.

So Chief goes AWOL in search of some Forerunner tech to bring back Cortana, while the other character shown on the game cover is some Spartan sent to hunt him down.

There are also theories that the game could play out with a multi perspective campaign, just like in Halo 2 where it was used to present the point of view from different factions.

Some are even of the view that Halo 5 might be the last title with Master Chief in it or if this isn’t the last one, then he will most certainly die by the time the Reclaimer saga ends.

Who do you think this new Spartan is? What will become of Master Chief now that Cortana is gone? If you have some cool theories to share, do mention them in the comments below!