Fans Create GTA Online Custom Jobs to Pay Tribute to Rockstar Games

Who doesn’t love a good, carefully created homage to their favorite game? What if you were given the chance the experience some of your favorite video game titles all in one environment? I know I would jump at the opportunity for such an experience.

Well that is what Rockstar Games did; they asked players of GTA Online to create their own versions of their favorite video games or movies using the Job Creator tool for the game.

The result turned out to be amazing and nostalgic to say the least. The jobs created are inspired from many classic Rockstar titles like Manhunt, Bully and Midnight Club.

Want to beat your enemies to a pulp? Stab them repeatedly and leave them to die in a dark alley? If you are one such player who likes fighting up close and personal, prefer fists and melee weapons rather than noisy guns then the Bully and Manhunt inspired jobs are for you.

In the case of Bully, the University of Los Santos serves as the Bullworth Academy where you get to show your enemies the true meaning of hitting the dirt.

If racing is your forte, players have created Jobs inspired from Midnight Club and Smuggler’s Run where you can either burn some rubber on the asphalt in a sports car or kick up some desert sand with your SUV.

Driving your opponents off road, pushing them off the side of a cliff or forcing them to crash in a road sign are all part of these adrenaline pumping race oriented jobs.

Have you ever created such Jobs or do you have a favorite one which pays tribute to some of your favorite games or movies? Mention them in the comments below!