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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Audio Will Outdo Its Competition

Information on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare keeps on coming and as we get to know more about the game, it is clear how much effort Sledgehammer has been putting to see through every single detail of the game.

In a newly released video interview on Gameinformer,  Advanced Warfare audio director Don Veca talks about the realistic sounds coming out of the futurist weapons in the game and how they made it possible.

Another really important thing, obviously, for Call of Duty are the weapons. Obviously, that’s the thing we have to bring to [the] next level. ‘We have three years, guys. We need to get it together.

Moreover, Veca discussed how the studio is always concerned about the competition and want to outdo them.

It’s absolutely always in the back of [our head]. Matter of fact, one of our biggest things we have done, we have studied the hell out of movies to understand how they’re really getting that focused mix.

But our competition, and probably the one you’re talking about – we have competition in this industry, absolutely, and we’re constantly monitoring everything they do, playing their games, trying to figure out what they’re doing that sounds great, and also saying, ‘Okay, well, that’s not so great.

Let’s – don’t do that, and let’s keep doing what we do really well.’ Let’s retain what’s useful, and then suck in as much as we can that’s really cool from not just one competitor, but multiple ones.

Previously, Don Veca worked on the Dead Space, which contained some really awesome audio work so we hope that the same treatment has been given to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.