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Blizzard Suing StarCraft 2 Hackers For Copyright Infringment

Blizzard has decided to take action against the hackers who are profiting from Starcraft 2 user-made mods.

First and foremost, the target is to take down the hackers of ‘ValiantChaos MapHack’, which gives an unfair advantage to the players who purchase it at the price of $62.50 per pop.

Blizzard filed an official complaint against the hackers at the federal court in California to stop the distribution of this software.

The complaint reads:

The hacks and cheats made available by Defendants, including a product known as the ‘ValiantChaos MapHack’, modify the StarCraft II online game experience, to the detriment of legitimate StarCraft II users, and thus to Blizzard itself.

Defendants create and sell their unlawful software products with the knowledge that they are facilitating and promoting users to infringe Blizzard’s copyrights, to breach their contracts with Blizzard, and to otherwise violate Blizzard’s rights.

Moreover, Blizzard mentioned that these practices cause users to become “dissatisfied” with the game and with time, they get tired and leave the game. These types of mods are really annoying and ruin the experience for those who want to play legit.

With this lawsuit, Blizzard must be hoping that other modders will restrain from doing anything like that in the future.