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Why Aren’t You Punching Bears In Fist of Awesome Now?

If you do one thing today, let that be checking out Fist of Awesome, which is now available on PC through the Humble Store. This side-scrolling beat ‘em up has both the words “fist” and “awesome” right in the title.

Also, the low resolution pixel game is quite colorful and humorous. It features a manly lumberjack, beard and all, who travels back in time, because bears have taken over the world.

In Fist of Awesome, you’ll go through a lot of recognizable environments from the 16-bit golden age of side-scrolling brawlers. There’s a street in a rough part of the city, a red light district with naked bears and even a ride on a shaky metro line. Forget we said anything about naked bears.

Along the way, you’ll see some troubling things in the background, like a human zoo or even heads on display. It’s up to you, your beard and your fists to stop this from happening.

Bears come in different form, from small grunts to bigger, afro-wearing grizzlies. Aside from bears, you can also punch deer or even dinosaurs. Punch anything you’d like.

While Fist of Awesome is only available on the Humble Store right now, it does come at a sizable discount of just €2.99. It will revert to the normal price of €5.99 next week, so grab it cheap now.

Additionally, Fist of Awesome needs some votes on Steam Greenlight, if you want the game to appear there soon. As always, the Humble Store will give you a Steam key, once the game is on that digital platform.

Originally, Fist of Awesome released as a game on Ouya. Games we discussed earlier this week, like Whispering Willows and Explosive Dinosaurs, will also make that transition at some point.

If you’re into that whole bit-tune music thing, then you can also enjoy the soundtrack of Fist of Awesome on Bandcamp. That’s the second time today we get to direct you towards free music, because indie games just like to roll like that.