Xbox One External Storage, Real Names Coming in June Update

The May system update for Xbox One was released just a couple of days ago and now Microsoft has set sights on bringing users the June update, which will include some really demanded features.

First of all, the update will allow the Xbox One to be compatible with the external storage, which is a highly demanded feature because the games and their updates are eating-up the the internal hard disk storage at a very fast pace.

Second up is the inclusion of ‘Real Names’ of your friends. Now, instead of remembering the gamer tags of everyone in your list, you can recognize them with their real names.

Moving on to another feature, which is the SmartGlass support app for the Xbox One. It will provide you with the option of viewing your favorite channels and apps right on your smartphones, tablets and PC.

Furthermore, it will give you the option of pinning your favorite apps at the same place so that you don’t have to bother with the annoying loadings.

Another addition is the expanded TV and OneGuide, which will become available in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Finally, the Gold Membership benefits that Microsoft has been quite vocal about for the last few weeks. You can download free games, or get deals with gold and enjoy the multiplayer of some of the best games available on the console.

The update is shaping up to be fantastic but we still don’t know anything regarding the release date of the update.