Tomodachi Life Purchase Holds Two Welcome Version Demos

Nintendo has announced that the purchase of a Tomodachi Life copy on 3DS will come with two download codes for Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version. This serves as a trial or demo that buyers can hand out to some of their acquaintances.

Primarily, the demo allows trial players to create their own Mii character with an accompanying personal trait and specific voice. This Mii person will be put on the Tomodachi island, where it can interact with other characters.

Additionally, trial players will be allowed to sample some of the gameplay in Tomodachi Life. This is said to include the possibility to feed characters, gift items to inhabitants in the form of clothing or interiors or the ability to perform in a group.

Once the Welcome Version is completed, those players will receive a rare panda suit that they can gift or use, if they purchase the full version of the game. Players that have sent out the Welcome Version code will not receive the panda suit, though it is an item that can be unlocked during regular gameplay as well.

Tomodachi Life plays a lot like an estranged version of Animal Crossing, where social interaction is a key element of the game. This will have some surreal moments thrown into it, to resemble more of a soap opera.

You’ll be able to share these moments with the ability to take screenshots in the game whenever you’d like.

Nintendo states that Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version can be completed multiple times, but the save file will get overwritten each time. Only the last save file will count when transferred to the full version of the game.