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Shadow Warrior Dev Announces Donkey Kong-like Game Juju

Developer Flying Wild Hog announced a new game for PC and consoles, simply called Juju. It’s a throwback to traditional side-scrolling platform games.

Juju is also the name of the protagonist in the story, a panda shaman with a magical mask and a musical flair. Alongside the panda, there will be a lizard called Peyo, who is Juju’s best friend and therefore the sidekick in this story.

Framing for the game has Juju’s father kidnapped by a great evil, which means that they have to set on an adventure to defeat said evil, of course. You’ll need to look for mystic keys that can lock the terrible spirits back into captivity.

There are four pieces of a mystic key to collect, which will also come with huge boss fights. Juju is said to go up against robots and giant sea creatures.

Environments have a natural vibe, with vines, trees and all sorts of plant formations surrounding some old stone structures and wood paneling. There’s also a lot of color put into the game to make it as vibrant as possible.

Along the way, you’ll encounter a series of different obstacles and enemies. Juju can jump or use magical chants to overcome any hindrances.

Moreover, Juju and Peyo offer a way for the game to be played in cooperative mode. Co-op follows a drop in, drop out model that allows anyone to jump in on the action at any time.

Juju looks a lot like the new line of Donkey Kong games. Previously, Flying Wild Hog was behind the remake of Shadow Warrior, so at least they have the humor element down.