Producer Discusses Future of EverQuest Next And Landmark

In this week’s EverQuest Next Round Table video, Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani and Senior Producer Terry Michaels discuss their plans about the upcoming SOE Live.

Set to happen in Las Vegas from 14th to 17th August, SOE Live will be focusing on preview panels for Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming titles with the prime focus being Landmark and EverQuest Next.

“Remember that Landmark is really the basis for how we’re going to make EverQuest Next,” Michaels reminds viewers in the video.

“So it may be a topic that is primarily Landmark-related, but there’s going to be information in there for people who want to know how things are going to work in EverQuest Next.”

For those interested in heading over to SOE Live this year, the studio has many exciting plans for the fans of their multiple franchises.

  • Plane raids await EverQuest fans.
  • Deck-building games and PvP tournaments lie in store for DC Universe Online players.
  • EverQuest II players will participate in speed instances and a murder mystery quest.
  • Landmark devotees will be treated to a mega-build event and a harvesting-themed dice event.
  • Finally, the studio has planned a squad showdown event for PlanetSide 2 players.

EverQuest Next and Landmark are the upcoming titles in the EverQuest franchise.

Landmark also serves as a tool for those gamers who are interested in designing their own game worlds. Their creations can even end up in EverQuest Next.

EverQuest Next is a next generation, free to play sandbox MMO being developed for PC and PS4.

The game features full destructive environments, which can be used to your advantage. There is no release window set for the game yet, but SOE has announced Founder Packs which after purchase allows fans to take part in the Beta.