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League Of Legends Patch 4.8 And Upcoming Changes

League of Legends servers would be undergoing maintenance tomorrow, 22nd May 2014. Servers will be shut down at 03:00 PDT for NA and OCE players while for EU West its 05:00 GMT+1 and 03:00 GMT+2 for EU North East.

If players are in a match at the time server go offline, the match will end in a draw, and no stats will be recorded. The maintenance is expected to last around six hours.

There are no official patch notes available yet so it isn’t confirmed which changes will be implemented after the servers are back on with Patch 4.8. There are, however, predictions based on what could be experienced on PBE.

Players can expect Lifetime RP Purchase Rewards before this year ends. Udyr’s Bear Stance now has a stun indicator which shows how much time is left till the enemy can be stunned again with a basic attack.

Twisted Treeline Jungle Monsters are being modified as well. All the big monsters (wraith, wolf and golem) will have their HP buffed up considerably while their smaller counterparts will see a HP nerf.

A new skin for Nami might be released in Patch 4.8. This River Spirit Nami skin was priced 975RP on PBE. Players might also finally be able to play the One For All: Mirror Mode where all players in the match can play with the same champion.

Following the outcry by players regarding the Dragonslayer Pantheon nerf, Riot has announced that they will be granting refunds to those who want them.

If players had known beforehand that Pantheon would be nerfed, they would have thought twice before going for the Dragonslayer skin (which was recently launched close to the Dragonslayer Braum release).

The refund requests will only be fulfilled if they are submitted before Friday, so if you are one such player disappointed by this nerf, now is your chance.